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Rachelle Ballard, M.exphys

Rachelle Ballard, M.exphys

Amanda Valenti, L.Ac., MSTOM

Amanda Valenti, L.Ac., MSTOM

Zoe Zulauf, RYT-200

Zoe Zulauf, RYT-200


Into the woods wellness with rachelle ballard

I’m Rachelle.

I love the mountains, I like to move, I'm obsessed with good food, and I laugh hardest at my own jokes. Ok, I'm the only one that laughs at my jokes.

I have a passion for wellness. I love the concept of teaching health as something connected, an idea of whole, mindful living. 

I believe if we can learn to appreciate and embrace the fact that all things are intertwined – sleep, stress, food, movement, emotions, the environment, etc. then we can better live with intention.

I have a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology: emphasis in Wellness Coaching and Nutrition. I am 500 hr yoga certified and teach all in all sorts of places to all sorts of people.

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Valenti Acupuncture with Amanda ValentI

 My name is Amanda Valenti and I am licensed acupuncturist here in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am an explorer of many things–Integrative Medicine Practices, the outdoors, and athletic pursuits. In practicing Chinese Medicine I aim to bring health and wellness to my surrounding communities. I believe one can sustain a happy healthy lifestyle via nutrition, physical movement, and stimulating the smooth flow of Qi.

I received my Master’s of Traditional Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California. I attended the four-year Masters Program at The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine completing 3,600 hours of academic and clinical practice. During the 540 hours of clinical internship I treated patients at the UCSD Oncology Center of Integrative Medicine, the American Legion Veterans Clinic and at the Pacific College clinic on campus.

My focuses are on but not limited to sports medicine acupuncture and injury rehabilitation. I am also passionate about treating emotional disorders, women’s health, auto immune disorders, and minimizing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

I consider myself to be quite the outdoor enthusiast. I am a climber, snowboarder, hiker and yogi. After grad school I felt a deep pull to be near the mountains, craving accessibility to trails, mountains and rocks, eventually leading me here to SLC. In September of 2015 I relocated myself and my 7 year old malamute pup here to SLC and opened Valenti Acupuncture!


Chiropractic & applied kinesiology with dr. eva whitmore


What drives me in my work: the positive impacts on people’s lives

When someone’s symptoms are alleviated, their entire way of being shifts in the most palpable way. This impacts us all in the world. The more people that I am able to work with and help, the better I get at what I do, and the more people I can then help. The relationship is symbiotic.

In 1992, I was living in Las Vegas and attending the University of Nevada on track for medical school. Simultaneously, I was experiencing horrible back pain from a childhood injury. There was a nearby chiropractic office with a sign, “Chiropractic/Kinesiologists.” I was curious. I had tried chiropractic without much success, but not in conjunction with kinesiology.

Once inside this apothecary-like office, I was in complete awe. After taking a history and doing an examination, the chiropractor began to ‘push’ on my muscles. He would touch a particular point on my body, and the muscle he pushed would somehow remain strong or become weak no matter how hard I tried. It was like a light switch – the muscle was either on or off.

After three visits, the pain I had been living with for years started to dissipate. When I expressed my amazement at the unexpected results, my Dr. asked if I had considered chiropractic school. I told him it had not interested me in the past because of the limited results of chiropractic treatment alone.

However, after experiencing chiropractic combined with applied kinesiology I knew that my path had to change. It was then I abandoned the idea of medical school. One year later I entered chiropractic school while simultaneously taking courses to become a certified applied kinesiologist.

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Movement • mindfullness • minimalism with zoe zulauf 


    I'm a skier, climber, and yogi grown in Oregon and rooted in Salt Lake City. Between weekends in the Wasatch and the vibrant deserts of southern Utah, I earned a degree in contemplative neuroscience—specifically, the study of how mindfulness-based practices change the structure and physiology of the brain. By combining breath, movement, self-compassion, and attention to the present moment, you equip yourself with neurological tools to decrease stress reactivity in daily life and better cope with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Through Little Roots Wellness, I use a blend of yoga, Thai massage, guided meditation, and Ayurveda to help you care for your body and quiet your mind.


Just as mindfulness meditation clears out mental clutter to create space for peace and contentment, I believe practicing minimalism is a way to extend that same intentionality into your physical space. The prospect of decluttering can be daunting at first, but when you start to pair down your belongings to only what you love and use regularly, you'll find that you have more—more time, more freedom, and more contentment with the things you own. You'll also find that you have less—less stress, less time spent cleaning... and none of the underwear you despise yet always get stuck wearing on laundry day. I think that everyone needs a nest, and my goal is to help you create that simple, soothing space.

I'm big on self-care for your mind, your heart, and your body—whatever that looks like for you, I'm here to help.