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Wellness in the Wild with TLWP

Join us for an experiential wellness day, on July 27th. We are so excited to create a new kind of experience for you. This day will be filled with all of the offerings of TLWP, in a slightly more adventurous package (you know how we love being outside amongst the earth smells)

You will enjoy experiential meals with healing properties, yoga in nature, Chinese Medicine treatments, take-away wellness tools, meditation, time for reflection, and explore your relationship to fear, all while being cozied up in a beautiful scene alongside the Weber River. We have decided to bring it to you in a more Little Wellness Place-style option.

Though it will be primarily outdoors, it is accessible for any body. We want to scoop you out of the daily routine and into an immersive experience, in the Utah mountains.

We are especially excited to introduce our theme: The F-Word (fear, we're talking about fear).

What if it isn't something you need to escape from, beat, or change?

What if you could navigate life - with your fear?

Explore integration of fear and empowerment tools with Rachelle, Amanda, & Savannah. Go inward, so that you might go out - feeling more resourced.

Sales close July 21st 11:55pm MT

See you in the mountains!