The Little Wellness Place: the place we gather. It’s where we come together for wellness learning and restorative practices  — We may meet in a wellness center, the mountains, or on the river. Our team of practitioners have unique backgrounds and tools, which make our events & retreats one-of-a-kind. Together we provide a combination of movement, meditation, Chinese Medicine, guest speakers, mindfulness practices, acupuncture, & body-mind connection training at each of our events. The unique knowledge, background, and synergy of the practitioners at TLWP are what make the array of experiences so desirable.



Whether in the mountains or on the river, our focus is on disconnecting from the business of life, and reconnecting with ourselves, restoration, community, nature, and intentional living.



Join us for informational and rejuvenating nights, where we focus on a widely-applicable theme, from improving relationships, to increasing personal health. We feature guest speakers and our TLWP practitioners, including their expertise on the topic.


Community Events

Community nights are opportunities to learn about our three practitioners, and experience what each offers in a low-cost setting without the need to make an individual appointment.